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Our Mission

Adirondack Ecologists, LLC (AE), a New York lake management consulting firm established in 1988, believes that the manner in which we manage our natural resources determines our collective character as a society.  The desire to set new standards in lake management, education, and protection is what sets AE apart from some other consulting firms. Our expertise is in New York lake management and pond management. We also prepare milfoil management and nuisance aquatic plant control plans.

Drawing from considerable experience and an extensive knowledge of lake ecosystems, it is the goal of AE to better understand and preserve the integrity of New York’s lakes and ponds through wise planning and appropriate research. Past and current clients include municipalities, lake associations, fish and game clubs, Boy Scouts of America reservations, private pond owners, and public and private golf courses.

AE feels strongly about maintaining a balance between environmental quality and resource development, and the firm employs a combination of sound scientific principles, innovative lake management techniques, and common sense in addressing environmental challenges faced by our clients. The firm’s approach to New York lake management is focused on designing strategies to address the cause of problems rather than implementing quick-fix solutions aimed at just treating the symptoms.

The firm has become a respected and recognized source for science-based information on water quality issues and milfoil management. AE prides itself in educating the public about the importance of proper lake and pond management and preservation.

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Working in conjunction with other environmental firms, private consultants, and universities, AE has established an extensive array of professional contacts within the industry. Utilizing experienced, state-of-the-art laboratories and testing facilities, AE is able to assist lake associations, private riparian land owners, municipalities, and commercial clients with all of their environmental testing needs.

AE possesses training and expertise in the fields of limnology, aquatic ecology, applied lake management, aquatic botany, fishery biology, and coldwater aquaculture.

Since 1988, AE has been retained by more than one hundred clients in New York State to assist them with their lake concerns and interests. The majority of these clients have come from within the Adirondack Park, but the firm has also been retained by clients in other regions of New York State. AE will consider accepting new clients from anywhere in North America.


Steve Lamere, a New York Lake ManagerSteven A. LaMere, a recipient of many state and national environmental awards for his work in studying and protecting lakes, is the principal investigator for the firm. Mr. LaMere is a Certified Lake Manager with the North American Lake Management Society, and is a Board-certified Environmental Scientist with the American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists. He has also been profiled in respected publications such as Adirondack Life, Lakeline, and Waterworks for his efforts in lake management and public education. He possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental and Forest Biology and a Master’s degree in Environmental Management and Planning.

Possessing experience in both the public and the private sector, AE is well qualified to assist you in your environmental testing needs, whether you are a small pond owner seeking management suggestions or a lake association interested in developing a monitoring program.


Services include: water quality monitoring; lake diagnostic and feasibility studies; lake management and project oversight; aquatic plant surveys; environmental education programs; control of nuisance aquatic vegetation; golf course pond management; permitting for lake-related projects; fisheries management; aquaculture consulting; pond design and management; environmental impact analysis; grant writing; and environmental risk assessment.

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New York State’s first certified lake manager

Certified by the North American Lake Management Society and the American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists

Region 5 Director / Environmental Policy Analyst
New York State Conservation Council, Inc.